If you search on google for best Powerpoint Templates, you'll find a lot of websites where you can download wonderful PPT templates for free. But many of them may seem a little outdated. Other times, you look through hundreds of free templates and still don't find the right one. Choosing the right template may be even more irritating than designing the presentation itself.

Here are 7 free websites to find best PowerPoint templates, that you never thought of.

Best PowerPoint Templates

There are many great websites that offer free and even paid PowerPoint templates. https://bestpowerpointtemplates.com  is one of the best out there, as it offers fresh and up to date PPT templates. Website if very user-friendly, and you can search templates by category, colors or just using a site's search field. Whenever you need clean and modern PowerPoint templates, backgrounds or other resources like charts and diagrams, this free resource website is a way to go. Best thing is, all the templates are free to dowload!

Google images

You for sure know how to use google search, and probably searched for PowerPoint template using Google, but did you ever tried to find that particular template using Google Images? It is simple and easy way to see full collection of free PowerPoint templates on the web. Not only that, but you will also see the image associated with the template, and can quickly decide if the template is worth looking at.

Free Modern PowerPoint Templates 

Examples found in Google Images 

Free Ecology PowerPoint template

Examples found in Google Images

Bing images/Yahoo Search/Baidu

Google currently is most popular search engine out there, but there are other great ones, which use slightly different searching method to find files. So going through Bing or Yahoo images in these search engines might give you quite different PowerPoint themes for your presentation. And they might be just the ones you were looking for.

Bing Images

Examples found in Bing Images

Baidu Images

Examples found in Baidu Images


Probably you have heard of Pinterest in one way or another. This website is not only great for DIY and Home Decor inspiration, but also got plenty of pictures of free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can search for. You can even find a collection board of top PowerPoint templates.

What makes this free resource great is super easy way to browse all images through simple visual implementation.

Electricity PowerPoint

Examples found in Pinterest

Science PowerPoint Template

Examples found in Pinterest


Flickr is a great free tool for people to post all kinds of photos and images. And when you are done looking at many great pictures, you can search for many amazing PowerPoint templates - there are plenty of free PPT themes. You can search and download the template you like for free on Flickr.

Free PowerPoint Template

Examples found in Pinterest

Free PowerPoint Template

Examples found in Pinterest

Power of PowerPoint

You won't find many PowerPoint templates on this website, but the ones you will find are of very high quality. The author has gone extra-mile to make them look really good. And best thing is, they are all free!


Free Syrius PowerPoint Template


Free Canopus PowerPoint Template

Office Templates

Official website for Microsoft PowerPoint - https://templates.office.com. That means you can find many free backgrounds there. You won't find something very special on this site, but there are still some good and free PPT themes that you can look at and download.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Official Microsoft PowerPoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates

Official Microsoft PowerPoint templates


Creating original and unique PowerPoint presentation is not an easy task, but it makes your job much easier when you have proper PPT template to use. These free PowerPoint templates will save your time and will make any presentation look great!